Volunteer/Contract Work

Contract Work

  • Web design and maintenance and media creation for Wolf Park (December 2007 – present)
  • Web design and maintenance and media creation for Barnhill Chimney Company (September 2010 – present)

Volunteer Experience

  • Shelter photography for Hound Haven, Inc (late 2013 – present)
  • Dog videography for the Paris Animal Welfare Society (July 2012 – October 2013)
  • Animal handling and event photography for the Lexington Humane Society and other rescues (sporadic)
  • Path-following and risk aversion research on rats, under Drs. W. Timberlake and J. Roche, Indiana University Psychology Department.  (Fall 1996, Spring 1997)
  • Skinned, fleshed and eviscerated animal specimens; tanned hides; boiled, numbered and catalogued bones in the Indiana University Zooarchaeology laboratory under Dr. W. Adams.  (Fall 1994, Spring 1998)
  • Dissected an adult male timber wolf, including skinning, gross anatomy examination, large muscle mass removal, boiling and cleaning of bones, bleaching of skull/mandible, dressing, scraping, and tanning of hide.  Article written on subject published in Winter, 1999 Wolf! Magazine.
  • Tutored adults in simple and complex computer-related tasks (web publishing and design, software installation, Windows GUI customization, scanning and OCR, etc.).
  • Maintained rare ferns in Indiana University Biology Department under Dr. G. Gastony.  (Fall 1994)