Working at Wolf Park provided a great deal of opportunity for creation of trade publications, including in-house operating documents, educational flyers and publications, and editing the Park’s Wolf Ethogram (a sort of “wolf-to-English dictionary” for researchers).

All About Wolves is a children’s book intended to be a general introduction to wolves, their behavior, and behavioral research like that performed at the Park.  Management of the Red Fox is an instruction manual for facilities wishing to emulate Wolf Park’s socialization and handling techniques in their red fox husbandry practices.  These two publications are available through Wolf Park’s online gift shop.

Between Dog and Wolf is intended to provide laypeople and professional alike with background information and ideas for handling animals presented to them as “wolf hybrids”.  It is published through Dogwise Publishing and is available for purchase through Amazon, as well as through the Wolf Park online gift shop.

Fall 2006 newsletter

I was responsible for the production of Wolf Park’s quarterly newsletter, Wolf Park News, for several years.  This eight-to-sixteen-page newsletter was created in Adobe InDesign.

Some samples:

I also created in-house publications for the University of Doglando, including training manuals, SOPs, organizational posters, and the publication Thinking Outside the Kennel, describing enrichment options for dogs in doggy day care environments. This publication was used in instructional seminars for the owners of dog facilities.